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to think over time, most big industrialized democracies because of the nature of our energy economy all have big state oil companies. so yes, in the industrialized west most of those states have privatize them, but even bp, as recently as the 1980's. so but only in america do we have exxon mobilize our state oil company. much more coherent expression of our national energy policy than anything the federal government as. and they are just as powerful relative to the state as tallis to france and maybe even more so yet only in america would we have a state oil company that lives in opposition to the state in which it resides. shrek stiller sent recently told scouting magazine that his favorite book is that this charge by i'm rant. that is a sort of touchstone for libertarians. it is an attitude of sort of skepticism, let's say generously toward the government that is peculiar. the equivalent company in france or italy or even in britain would be -- with have all gone to the same universities as the president of the united states. it would be buddies. it would be an interlocking sense of w
think that, as a person that's covered energy and environment for as long as i have -- this surprised me. you get into hydraulic fracturing which is now all over the news. today going to put out rauls for fracking on public lands. and you almost -- and you almost make the case that corporation prosecute -- that corporate philosophy gave them a blind spot when it came to high drawlic fracturing, and you make an amazing point that rex tillerton, as a young engineer at the company, actually was using the technique and so do you think in that one case in the fracking case, that corporate philosophy of, let's manage our risks, make sure we make a certain return on what we do -- hinder them from tapping into what is now this huge gas, huge economic opportunity in this country with natural gas? >> guest: they were slow but they're often slow and then they're dissive. so they get to places late and then buy their way in. that's their pattern. never had a great reputation as the greatest spoil goss discoverers. i'm sure they have some wins and a story they tell. thes about successes in exploratio
energy has been to develop a software strategy. a strategy that galvanizes regional publics, galvanizes these publics most intensely of grievances, including grievances against the united states and israel and most importantly against their own unrepresentative pro-western government in regime. amendment the islamic republic has done is aligned itself with public opinion at south in the middle east to constrain hostile governments from attacking a. just think about how barbering largely shia population would react to the fleetest our fifth fleet based in bahrain to attack the islamic republic today. u.s. military planners could hope that the iran's population would be passive as they think they assumed maybe even five years ago. but today it clearly seems reckless. for other ridiculing many american policy elites do with the islamic republic, the appeal to regional public actually works. it works to constrain the united states and hostile, unrepresentative pro-western neighboring iran. iran is also the two reinforce these aspects of a software strategy of a number of years at picking wh
the world a better place but do that for themselves. we combine that energy doing good work in the world but you have to have a right to your own life and radical that it -- radical decision making it to be a very thoughtful process and most importantly with a clear sense of purpose you can raise your self-esteem. that is a foundation for happiness. i made a good time on friday night but i call it blood sweat and tears happy when you're 80 years old to sing card earned energy that is the end of the game. nothing wrong with many it is not the end. happinesses the and. but properly aired is the foundation. i want to share one thought for everybody in the room the single biggest driver is your work of self-esteem you spent his portion it amount of time that is what makes work important and why the issue about unemployment is way more than economics, but a very spiritual issue because it is important. i say it is important you do your job well but mike told me how well you do your job you will never fool you. of the peter and do your work the best you can you go over your self-esteem. if you
of energy, does a possibility of a two-pillar solution using both saudi arabia and iran for security in the middle east exist, and that's possible -- if that's possible, does a potential expansion of u.s. domestic energy production open a door to a numbering solution? -- to a energy solution? thank you. >> i think the notion of a proxy war, i think i understand what you're saying. i think i'd use a different vocabulary from that. and this gets into the issue of the relationship with saudi arabia. what's going on right now in the middle east is that saudi arabia, as it has done at any number of points in its, in its modern history, is basically using the promotion of a particular sort of salafi islam. we tend to call it knew has been by islam in the u.s. although saudis don't really like that term. but this very particular notion of salafi islam, the kind of salafi islam we see embodied in, say, the taliban, saudi arabia actively promotes this kind of islam as a tool of its foreign policy. and, you know, under current circumstances in the region saudi efforts to do that are escalating
to live but something for themselves become bind our energy that people have about doing good work in the world, but doing it personally because you have to have the right to your own life. second, we had the highest respect for the rational decision making, making the logical decisions based on the fact, not invading the fact, been very thoughtful, very thoughtful process, but most importantly i think we can get a clear sense of purpose and use your capacity to accomplish the purchase you get to do something important. you get to raise your self-esteem. .. i want to share one thought with you. for everybody in the sermon the vast majority of people on this planet, the single biggest driver of self-esteem is your work because you spend a disproportionate amount of time and energy at work. that's what makes work important. that's why this issue about unemployment underemployment is way more than economics. it is actually a very spiritual issue because work is spiritually important. i've said many times, it's really important that you do your job well. as far, more important. you'll
government, mr. president. and, in fact, the ministry of energy. the minister of energy's sitting right there. and it's also the russian national oil company. and he goes on to talk about all of the ways in which these guys are raking off. at which point putin interrupts. he's been sitting there very calmly x in a very calm tone of voice he says i understand that you have a great many reserves that you are not p developing. and i understand that you, too, are having some problems with paying taxes. and he goes on to list in a very quiet voice some things that amount to saying that he is maybe himself the center of the corruption problem. and then very thin smile, there are videos of this confrontation. very thin smile, putin says and so, you see, i'm returning the hockey puck to you. [laughter] and there was this laughter, nervous laughter in the room. you can hear it on the tapes. and everybody knew in moscow by the next day that he was finished. so that really is what it comes down to. he defied the man. and so long as the man is there, it's hard to imagine -- [inaudible] we're hearing now
. look, i said this to my be staff today, i get a lot of psychic energy from being the mayor of the city, but yet i'm there, there's managers who get the job done every single day whose names you never hear about. i'm very proud to have been able to give a modicum of support to the incredible work you're doing. but you know there are heroes of light and energy that are working within covenant house in newark that are making transformative changes. there is a young kid one day that's going to be born to one of the children there that you'll never know their name who's going to know love. if you look into the stars tonight, and you live in manhattan, so you probably won't be able to see a star -- [laughter] but just think to yourself that that's hundreds of billions of light years away and many of of those stars that you're actually looking at are gone. they no longer exist n. the billions of years it's taken for that light to get to you, the star is gone. but the energy and light a body gives off while it's alive goes on forever. people be, generations yet unborn feel the warmth and light
. and then to tell you about this movement she would light up and got energy talking about the movement and excited about and i couldn't understand for her that was fulfilling because she felt this is the reason that my life has gone the past that it's gone this is what it's all been about. >> bernice did your mother and your family stay in the same house? >> after daddy was assassinated we stayed in the same house to get in fact the house wasn't purchased until 1966. my father had been influenced and he was struggling so she set look you have a wife and children and we have to have a place. they always talked about the fact that one day he probably would die a tragically. he said that's going to be my space. so he always anticipated that and new he knew so she made sure she brought that out and they were in the house until. >> or your grandparents on your mother's side or father's side? >> i visited my grandparents and alabama every summer for two weeks and i helped my grandmother with -- i helped her around the table setting up the dishes at the table and watching her cook and then alternatively
. they have a variety of energy drinks. there's an energy drink in colombia that a group produces called cocaset which has a great flavor to it but but, again, its not like drinking red bull. it would be much better for you. there's all kinds of ointments, there's a variety of breads and rolls made from coca flour. there's also these, um, this is the bag from what they call chasitos which are basically cheese puffs that the government is distributing to kids through a free breakfast program. the folks at the plant went on about how great these are. i thought they were awful myself, but i guess the kids like them. i also confess that i really hate coca toothpaste. but my point is that there are a variety of products that have very lis sit and good uses and should be available not only in these countries, but also on the international market. there are a variety of uses beyond what coca-cola uses for flavoring. another hypocrisy of the convention -- another hypocrisy that ricardo points to in his book is related to the conventions. i was really struck reading your book, i had not realized
. they probably think powerpoint is an energy drink, except they don't know what an energy drink is either. the data tell us that we should find these old codgers, or at least let them retire gracefully. but hold on. don't fire anybody yet. the air force academy study has another relevant finding. about student performance over a longer horizon. they found that in math and science students who have more experience and more highly credentialed instructors in introductory courses do better in their mandatory following courses and student of less experienced professors in the introductory courses. one logical interpretation is that the less experienced instructors are more likely to teach to the test in introductory courses. this produces impressive exam scores and happy students when it comes to filling out the instructor evaluation. meanwhile, the old crusty professors whom we nearly fired one paragraph ago, focus less on the exam and more on the important concepts, which are what matter most on the following courses and in life after the air force academy. clearly, we need to evaluate teac
japan faces, as you all know as well as i do, a number of problems. what is going to be the new energy policy, what's going to be the policy towards nuclear energy, the aging population. i could just run on, territorial disputes with its neighbors in china, korea. so there are a lot of different problems, but i think it's a crisis opportunity situation. the chinese use the expression wayy, so i think the new prime minister is the right person at the right time to take these steps but not limit them, as i said, to just monetary and fiscal. so i take advantage to meet all of these other problems and turn them into opportunities. one last point and then i will mention japan at the end of my brief remarks here. my good friend who died a number of years ago, rudy dornbush who was a brilliant economist and knew japan very well, he taught at mit, was always concerned that one day the high amount of government debt in japan would catch up to it. notwithstanding that over 90% of it is held by japanese. and, of course, now it's 235% of gdp, the largest of any developed country in the world. and
infrastructure, including the electric grid. and, of course, continue to encourage energy independence. the resolution of the supply of unfilled housing should be tried but only if a reelected barack obama can somehow find a unique instrument required to work with this administration to move to the center and discover ways to reach meaningful compromise with the congresswoman to pass legislation that this country so desperately needs. although it's not a -- one can ask will he be reelected. historically rarely have presidents been real elected to a second term with popular ratings in the 40% level, which is where obama rests, but so does romney. interesting to note that only three of the 19 presidents elected to a second term as relatively less popularity ratings at the time of their reelection. these are woodrow wilson, truman and george w. bush. these presidents experienced trouble or failed second terms. history aside, one cannot discount the possibility of obama would win not based on statistics like this, but because the electorate elected him the best alternative of the two candi
, including the electric grid and of course continue to encourage any energy independence. the resolution of unsold houses should be sought, but all of this will occur only if a reelected barack obama could somehow find the unique temperament required to work with his administration, to move to the center and discover ways to reach meaningful compromise with a congress willing to pass legislation the country so desperately needs. what is not a subject of this paper, one can ask and will he be reelected? rarely have presidents been reelected to a second term as popularity ratings in the 40% level, which is where obama rests. so does romney. it's interesting to note only three of 19 presidents elected to a second term had relatively less popularity rating at the time of the reelection, as low as their election. but for wilson, harry truman and george w. bush. these presidents experienced troubled or failed second terms. history aside, one cannot discount the possibility obama would win by based on statistics like this, but because the electorate judges had the best alternative of the two ca
. and the senate becomes the center of governmental energy and creativity, he -- majority leader for six years. instantly the senate is back in the same mess. the nature of political genius is to find a way when no way appears obvious. i had no idea what president johnson would do. hopefully i could research it and find out but someone will come along to do again. >> one major event covered in this book was the u.s. role in the overthrow -- johnson is on record, can you elaborate on what particularly was it on that and why he believes the way he did on that point? ironically one of the things -- >> it is right at the beginning of the book i am writing now. the answer is so complicated and i don't have a summation of its. >> can i go back and refer to your book that you are talking about now? you stated united states was running murder -- >> lyndon johnson -- >> knew that you would get back to that. okay. johnson -- i don't want to be put in a position. johnson did say that, the kennedys for running a damned murder incorporated in the caribbean. exactly what documentation he had we don't know.
and energy goes into the means testing, and eligibility testing, leaving very little money for the actual program. so the programs end up being low dose, very minimal, and they're not sufficient to change the educational outcomes of children. just providing head start program doesn't deal with the fact they're coming from violent homes, violent neighborhoods, poverty, homelessness, food insufficiency. you can't overcome those kind of deficits by providing head start education program. so, that's where the book began. and most of the people advised me said, well, it's a very interesting book. i'm sure you'll get on fox tv. and that was not my goal. my goal was not be a critics so i said let me do part two and say, there are some social programs that are fight effective. and maybe we can learn a lesson from them. and the big quiz that -- in the course of writing the book i conducted, and bored to death my wife and my children, was, let me sit down with anybody i know and tell me the three government programs that have been the most effective in, say, the last 65 years. almost every one modi
and a variety of energy drinks. as a drink in colombia which is a great flavor but again it's not like drinking red bull. it's a very nice kind of stimulant. it would be much better for you. there's a variety of breads and rolls and there's also this is the bag that is basically cheese puffs the government is distributing to kids through a free breakfast program. the folks at the plant went on about how great these were. i thought they were all full myself but i guess the kids like them and i also confess that i hate the taste but there are a variety of products that have very good uses and should be available not only in these countries but also on the international markets there's a variety of uses beyond what the uses for flavoring another that ricardo points out to in his book is related to the conventions. i was struck this relationship between the u.s. drug czar for decades and the president of coca-cola very cozy relationship, so in the end of the 1961 u.n. single conventional the narcotic drugs and the subsequent 1988 convention make it a criminal offense under the international law so
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